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Situated between Thury-Harcourt to the north and Condé-sur-Noireau to the south, Clécy is ideally placed to explore the Suisse Normande region.

The authentic charm of Clécy, which was awarded the Calvados « village de caractère » label in 2018, can be seen in its picturesque town centre, where you can stroll through the cobbled streets that reveal a remarkable architectural heritage and pretty craft shops. Nestling in the heart of a superb landscape, Clécy is a must-see destination for lovers of unspoilt nature and outdoor activities. With its rocky massifs, winding rivers, lush green valleys and luxuriant forests, Suisse Normande is a fantastic playground for those wishing to venture kayaking along the River Orne, climbing rock faces with unique panoramic views or hiking or cycling to discover a particularly varied biodiversity.

Cycling in the Suisse Normande

Cycling in the Suisse Normande region promises a rare experience, a blend of the easy-going and the thrilling, between bucolic paths and steep cliffs offering breathtaking panoramas at every turn.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or an amateur looking for adventure, Suisse Normande offers a variety of routes to suit all levels. The well-marked routes will guide you through iconic places, such as the banks of the River Orne and medieval villages steeped in history. These include, of course, the Suisse Normande greenway.

Don't hesitate to bring your bike to the Logis Hôtel Au Site Normand in Clécy, where we have a secure bike storage area. You'll see that there's no shortage of ideas for discovering our beautiful region, and we'll be delighted to advise you. Don't hesitate to ask us.

image Calvados by bike

Calvados by bike

« The whole Calvados in a single pedal stroke ! »

image Vélo Francette

Vélo Francette

If you're a keen cyclist, the Vélo Francette is a great way to get from Normandy to the Atlantic.

Discover the Vélo Francette stage in Suisse Normande!

image Cave de la Loterie

Cave de la Loterie

Located in Clécy, capital of Suisse Normande, in the heart of Calvados, the winery covers 14 hectares of orchards.

image Miniature Railway

Miniature Railway

The Chemin de Fer Miniature (Miniature Railway) is also a leisure park set up in a former quarry, which you can visit on board a miniature train.

image Cerza Zoo

Cerza Zoo

Welcome to the Cerza zoo in Lisieux, Calvados. Cerza zoo is one of the most beautiful animal parks in France.

image Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, in the middle of the bay, welcomes almost 3.5 million visitors every year, whether pilgrims or tourists.

image Automates Avenue

Automates Avenue

De 1920 à 1950, décembre est le mois où devant les grands magasins parisiens il devient impossible de circuler, des foules d’enfants et de parents, le nez collé à la vitrine, regardent dans toutes les directions.

image Saint-Malo


A veritable fortress, Saint-Malo is proud to never have been conquered.

image The D-Day landing beaches tour

The D-Day landing beaches tour

From Carentan you can go to Utah-Beach, 15 km away, via Saint Côme du Mont and visit the Dead Man's Corner Museum.

image Via Ferrata Clécy

Via Ferrata Clécy

For thrill-seekers: The commune of Clécy has installed Basse-Normandie's first Via Ferrata on one of its cliffs.

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